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SMP Panel PLD tool

SMP Panel Platform

The smp 700 is the first panel PLD tool on the market. It allows uniform deposition on panels up to 200 x 200 mm and can be tailored for larger sizes. The tool can be attached to a cluster mainframe for vacuum integration with other deposition technologies. It can handle substrate and mask clamping for in-situ through-mask depositions. This tool is excellent for our patented low damage ITO on OLED  or PV panels, or of course for deposition on other substrates. It comes with our IP protected particle filter and with full automated software. The laser source is an integrated heavy duty high power Coherent LEAP that allows fast TAKT times and can further scale in power for larger panel sizes. With the relative small targets it is a very efficient tool for material scanning or for (pilot) production. 

Please see the Product Flyers page or Contact us for more information.

SMP Panel platform basic features:

Substrate size:

Up to 200 x 200 mm (or contact us for bigger sizes)

Substrate type:

Round, squares

Target capacity:

1 target

Beam delivery:

Complete integrated beam delivery optics


Integrated heavy duty Coherent LEAP

Process temperature:


Load port:

For integration on cluster mainframe

Thickness uniformity:

    < 2 % 1s


SMP Panel 700 PLD platform for OLED and PV