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R&D projects at Solmates

R&D projects

R&D projects:

Solmates is involved in various national and international research collaborations with institutes, (SME) development partners, and industrial end-users.



In CHIRON Solmates’ PZT and other piezo electrics will be used in the development of novel spin-wave computing chips. Spin-wave technology is seen as one of the potential candidates for complimenting and eventually replacing CMOS technology in future chip designs, making them smaller and more energy efficient. In CHIRON this novel way of computing, by using the interference of nanoscale magnetic waves, is used on a variety of basic logic operators. The consortium, led by imec, gathers expertise in the field of materials science, physics, manufacturing, electrical engineering, device simulation, as well as circuit design.

The CHIRON project has started on the 1st of May 2018 and is funded by the Horizon 2020 FET-Open Research and Innovation Action.


Within the H2020 project 3PEAT the potential of Solmates-PZT stress-optic modulators will be further explored. 3PEAT stands for 3D Photonic integration platform based on multilayer PolyBoard and TriPleX technology for optical switching and remote sensing and ranging applications. Within the consortium of European partners, the technology of PZT actuated stress-optic modulators that was successful demonstrated for the use in 5G phased array antenna’s,
will be used for these applications. The 3PEAT project is funded by the EU under the H2020 program (contract number: 780502).


SILENSE researches acoustic technologies and develops concepts to activate and control devices by gesture, data communication, and indoor positioning, exclusively based on these innovative technologies. These concepts can be used in different domains: wearables, automotive and smart home application (IoT). In the SILENSE consortium, Solmates will develop and integrate thin film piezo materials for pMUT devices (piezo micro ultrasound transducers).

Project website:
The SILENSE project is funded by the EU under the H2020 ECSEL-JU program
(contract number: 737487)


Photonics is essential in today’s life science technology. PIX4life will mature a state of the art silicon nitride (SiN) photonics pilot line for life science applications in the visible range and pave the way to make it accessible as an enabler for product development by a broad range of industrial customers. In the project Solmates will use its PLD equipment for the integration of piezoelectric materials in the silicon photonics platform.

Project website:
The PIX4LIFE project is funded by the EU under the H2020 program
(contract number: 688519)


Solmates has developed a unique patented process for damage-free ITO deposition on OLEDs. In this project Solmates is looking into the scaling of its PLD technology to display size and the integration aspects.  

Completed projects at Solmates