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Research & Development

It is highly recognized that Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) is a very flexible and versatile technique allowing fast optimization of new and complex material thin films. The unique features of PLD allow for the integration of “Beyond Moore” materials in CMOS and new devices. The Solmates' modular R&D platform (SMP) is the next step beyond fundamental Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) research. The reliable hardware is flexible for fast process optimization and allows uniform thin film deposition up to 200 mm diameter with high reproducibility. Since process recipes can be transferred directly to Solmates' PLD production equipment it is the ultimate valorization of thin film research. The Solmates Modular PLD R&D platform is the missing link between lab and fab! Enabling new developments in advanced materials and Nanoelectronics.

Solmates is active in process development in these fields with external partners. Please have a look at our R&D projects and Publications for some examples.

Advanced R&D with Solmates PLD

- All substrate dimension up to 200mm diameter
- Deposition of almost all materials on any substrate
- Low temperature processing
- Damage free deposition on organics or other materials
- Control of density and microstructure
- Epitaxy, multilayers, ultra thin films