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Stoichiometry and oxygen control enable MEMS and Sensors

MEMS & Sensors

Solmates' Pulsed Laser Deposition offers several processes for MEMS and Sensors. Our PZT process offers high and stable actuation performance while flexible to apply on different kind of substrates and bottom electrodes (like on TiN). Different gas sensitive materials can be applied with tuned densities for gas permeability.

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PZT  for stable actuation & sensing

- High d33 and e31,f 
- Stable PZT performance
- In situ seed layer deposition
- Different PZT compounds available
- Deposition of PZT on Pt as on TiN
PZT actuated membrane







Thin films for gas sensing applications

- Wide choice of materials (SnO2, ZnO, Al2O3 , CuO)
- Independent control of deposition gas
- Density tuning for gas permeability control
ZnO based gas sensor
Source: Comparative study of large area pulsed laser deposited metal oxides for gas sensors applications