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Solmates' PLD for enhanced LED & OLED performance


Solmates has optimized several processes for enhanced LED performance. Reduce internal reflections by using our nano-porous optical layers. Several materials can be tuned to the exact desired refractive index, or even applied with graded index. All deposited at low temperatures. Simplify your LED process by applying our high quality ITO thin films. Low temperature process and no post anneal required. 

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Tunable refractive index

- Textured nano-porous thin films
- Refractive index grading
- In situ V-coat deposition
- Low temperature processing
- Damage-free deposition
- Wide choice of materials (Al2O3, ZrO2, ZnO)
Nano porous ZrO2








Low temperature ITO

- Damage-free deposition on GaN
- Low temperature deposition, no post-anneal required
- High performance as-deposited (electrical and optical)
- Refractive index tuning and grading
ITO 65 nm on Si (no anneal)







OLEDs and other organic materials are very sensitive to plasma damage. This prevents conventional PVD methods to directly deposit ITO and other materials on OLEDs or other organics. Solmates has developed a soft landing process that enables direct deposition of high quality ITO without damaging the OLED. This allows the fabrication of full transparent OLEDs and top-emitting OLED displays.

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ITO for fragile surfaces

- Room temperature deposition
- No post anneal required
- High electrical and optical performance
- Damage free deposition
OLED in off state







OLED in on state