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PLD High Volume Manufacturing platform

PLD production Platform

Solmates launches its newest High Volume Manufacturing platform in Q3 of 2020.

Besides newest proprietary modules for defect control, this platform is designed to meet all manufacturing requirements:
 - High run-to-run consistency
 - Commercial throughput and yield
Cluster mainframe compatible PLD chamber:
 - Wafer facing up, up to 300 mm wafer size
 - Small footprint with option to place the laser in the sub-fab
Robust design for HVM operation:
 - Reliability, Availability, Maintainability
 - User friendly interface and integration with fab automation systems 

More details to be released soon. If this triggers your interest, please contact us for more information.

HVM platform basic features:

Substrate size:

Up to 300 mm

Substrate type:

Round, square

Target capacity:

Up to 4 targets, changeable without vacuum break

Process temperature:

RT -  800 ºC

Mainframe compatibility:

Compatible with any standard mainframe

Thickness uniformity:

WiW:                < 2 % 1s
WtW / RtR:      < 1.5 % 1s

New PLD platform for High Volume Manufacturing