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Solmates’ Modular PLD R&D Platform (SMP 700)

PLD R&D Platform

The SMP 700 is the next step beyond fundamental Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) research. It offers deposition of a great variety of novel materials, like Piezo layers, advanced complex oxides and ceramics deposited directly on organics or 2D layers.The reliable hardware is flexible for fast process optimization and allows uniform thin film deposition up to 200 mm diameter with high reproducibility. The automated software ensures easy operation and stable performance. The small footprint makes it very easy to attach it to an existing PLD beam path in the research facility. Since process recipes can be transferred directly to Solmates’  PLD production equipment it is the ultimate valorization of thin film research. The SMP 700 is the missing link between lab and fab!

Please see the Product Flyers page or Contact us for more information.

SMP series basic features:

Substrate size:

Up to 200 mm

Substrate type:

Round, squares

Process temp.:

RT -  800 ºC


1400 x 1100 mm

Thickness uniformity:

WiW: < 2 % 1s


Optional (SMP 800)