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Solmates enables full transparent OLEDs with its patented ITO on OLED deposition process

ENSCHEDE, The Netherlands, November the 10th 2014- Full transparent OLEDs are being pursued since the development of OLEDs. But high transparency requires the deposition of a transparent electrode (ITO) on top of the extremely fragile organic material. Existing deposition technologies, such as sputtering, are too aggressive and damage the organic layers. SolMateS has developed a patented “soft-landing” method using its pulsed laser deposition (PLD) process. This unique room temperature process enables a full functional ITO thin layer directly on top of the OLED without damaging the sensitive organic material. Recent testing has demonstrated that the 80% transparent OLED shows similar functional specifications compared to standard OLEDs with non-transparent Aluminum electrode. The OLED has passed endurance test by an external party for mainstream applications. The ITO is deposited at sputter speeds and is available on the 200mm PLD tool. The process is currently scaled to panel size and roll-to-roll.

“This new process demonstrates the power of our Pulsed Laser Deposition Tools” commented Solmates’ CEO Arjen Janssens, “This invention is the stepping stone to multiple transparent OLED applications like transparent lighting, displays, smart windows and top emitting OLED displays, it even is critical for high efficient organic solar cells (OPV).

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