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Solmates demonstrates fully closed ultra-thin film metal oxides on silicon wafers

In general it is not straightforward to deposit ultra-thin layers of about 1 nm using conventional deposition techniques. Using sputtering or ALD these layers have the tendency to be only fully closed above a thickness of a few nanometers. Using its Pulsed Laser Deposition production platform (SIP) Solmates recently demonstrated fully closed metal oxide films of 1 nm thickness on 200 mm wafers. Deposition of such ultra-thin closed metal oxide layers can be a key technology for future generation chips in the semiconductor industry.

For this work carried out in the project “ultra-thin cold plasma deposition” a financial contribution has been received within the scope of “Operationeel Programma Oost”, Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling (EFRO).


The LEIS (Low Energy Ion spectroscopy) shows that the 1nm YSZ film is fully closed (blue line) as silicon is not detected at 1686 eV. After local removal of the 1nm by sputter etching the silicon substrate becomes visible again (red line).